360 Virtual Tour Of Oxford University

At Oxford Virtual Tours, we’re proud to present our 360 virtual tour of Oxford University. We spend over 4 months in the spring of 2021 taking over 900 images to produce this virtual tour.

This virtual tour of Oxford was also featured in The Oxford Mail.

Why Create A Virtual Tour Of Oxford?

We founded Oxford Virtual Tours during the covid-19 pandemic to help the property market stay on its feet during the lockdown.

We undertook this tour as a passion project to improve our skills and create something that’s never been done before; a virtual tour of an entire city. The tour took 4 long months to produce, taking over 900 photos in total (often at 4 am!)

We hope the virtual tour provides value to our home city as an advertising asset, but also to people all around the world who may not get the chance to visit our beautiful city. 

Hopefully, our virtual tour will give people an idea of the city’s unique architecture and beauty, and perhaps inspire them to come and visit!

This is the first virtual tour in the world to include an entire city. This virtual travel tour is free for anyone to view and if you’d like to add it to your website, please get in touch. We’d love for our work to be seen by a broader audience.