How We Increased Enrolment for Schools with Facebook Ads & Virtual Tours​

Take your schools marketing to the next level by combining two incredible marketing tools. Facebook ads and virtual tours. 


Virtual tours are great marketing assets. They have call to actions that drive users to take action but they also give website visitors a great insight into your business. They allow them to view and gain the information that they are looking for.

Facebook ads is a great way to get in front of parents whose children are of the right age. You can target on Facebook parents with children in certain age ranges. This school is a secondary school, so are targeting parents aged 8-12.

Why Send Traffic To A Virtual Tour?​

Virtual tours have some of the best time on page stats on the internet. This means Facebook is going to give you a great CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) because people are engaging well with your landing page. You can then get leads for cheap costs while bullying your competition out of the auction.

They are also lead generation tools as they have call to actions in them. (at least, ours do!)

Video Tutorial​

What Content Do I Use For Ads?

If you have a virtual tour, you can just screen record you giving people a tour. You can also add captions so that people can take the tour without sound. You can show off what makes your school different and why parents should consider you.

Another thing to consider is a video testimonial of students and parents. Cut 3/4 into a montage of reviews and let them do the selling for you.

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