Milton Keynes Arts Centre Virtual Tour

The Milton Keynes Arts Centre Virtual Tour was commissioned in July 2021 so that a broader audience could see what the centre has to offer online.

The Arts Centre is located in the heart of Great Linford Park, where it provides access to environmental art workshops. Funded by local authorities and private donations alike since opening its doors 50 years ago this unique venue has always been committed not only about providing opportunities for learning but also encouraging creativity with their annual programme that includes artist projects as well educational activities inspired both from our location’s history – when 18th century nobility once lived here-and modernity like those happening today all over Europe.

About The Milton Keynes Arts Centre Virtual Tour

In 1974, MKAC became an Arts Centre and registered charity. Past fundraisers have supported the arts in Milton Keynes by providing opportunities for our communities to benefit from them! These events help local schools; young people with special needs or behavioral problems – anyONE who might need some extra support when they’re not sure where else it’ll come from next
A few recent examples include supporting homeless charities as well as giving access points through music tuition programs at no cost (so if you fancy yourself talented then this could be great news!).

The Milton Keynes Arts Centre is a creative organisation that empowers the people living in their communities. They run courses and projects for all ages, which are designed so everyone can participate regardless of age or background. The mission statement says it best: “We strive to provide space where no one feels excluded.”

Milton Keynes Arts Centre  is a place where artists can come to learn and grow with space for exploration. With live events, educational activities inspired by our historic setting as well as beautiful exhibitions of all mediums Milton Keynes Arts Centre offers unique opportunities that offer meaning collaborations between artist’s child young people from diverse communities often marginalized in society.

The resources available at the academy are extensive providing both specialist support but also encouraging artistic experimentation while partnering closely alongside their community partners who help provide input into what form these projects should take on