Oxford Contract Manufacturing Virtual Tour

This is an Oxford Contract Manufacturing virtual tour of their Bicester facility.

OCM is a leading European supplement manufacturer working with individuals and multinationals to produce a wide range of high quality and cost efficient products for export to a global audience. They can provide bulk loose wholesale tablets, powders, oils, gels and capsules, private label supplements, pet supplements, drinks sachets and products for use in medical research.

This virtual tour will take you around their production facility in Bicester.

About The Oxford Contract Manufacturing Virtual Tour

Oxford Contract Manufacturing’s production facility is a state-of-the art, automated and efficient supplement facility. Every day, they produce tens of thousands of quality products for their clients in various industries. As you can see from the virtual tour, their facilities are designed with the most advanced technology to ensure that every product meets stringent safety standards. We welcome you to take a virtual tour of our production facility where you can see how each product gets made from start to finish!

Oxford Contract Manufacturing is a forward-thinking company focused not only on the future, but also in developing and producing superior formulas for their clients. They offer the total package when it comes to delivering finished products that can be sold with confidence. OCM provides multiple services from formula development and production to labeling and dispatch- all at competitive rates. For any task you’re looking for help with, OCMis always there to provide solutions tailored specifically for your business goals.

Their facility is built and run to GMP standards, Food Standards Authority approved with ISO 22000 accreditation. They’re happy to deal with the FSA, MHRA, FDA, Trading Standards, and Organic Food Federation so that our customers don’t have to. Ensuring products are compliant without the 100’s of hours of overwhelming paperwork.

We hope that this virtual tour will help their clients get a glimpse of the professionalism and care that goes into the manufacturing of their products.