360 virtual tour of a school

Why Does Your School Need A Virtual Tour?

Virtual tours allow anyone, anywhere with an internet connection to see your facilities and get a close to real feeling of what it’s like to walk around your school.

Our most recent virtual tour was created for Gosford Hill School in Oxford. You can view the tour yourself here: https://oxfordvirtualtours.com/tours/GHS/

Schools are big. It doesn’t make sense to capture every corridor and every classroom. It would take the user far too long to navigate around the school and it would be very expensive to produce. Schools also tend to want to highlight only their best areas to show off.

We’ve built a virtual tour system that allows for easy navigation. Starting with a birds-eye view, users can quickly and easily select the part of the school they’d like to visit. Once there, the icon slider at the top of the screen allows for easy choice of which part of the school they’d like to visit next.

On the desktop version, the tour includes a map with radar to show you exactly where you are and which direction you are looking.

Virtual tours market your school online for you 24/7, 365. Due to the highly interactive nature of virtual tours, they have some of the best time-on-page numbers on the internet. Time on page is one of the most important metrics google uses to rank websites. simply put, higher time on page means higher rankings on google. 

If you’re looking to take your marketing to the next level, a virtual tour is a marketing asset that will pay for itself quickly through increased student enrollment. Virtual tours get shared on social media more than any other form of media among parents and students on the market for their next school.

Virtual tours can easily be added to your website, as well as shared on social media through a permanent web URL. A .exe file can also be provided to run the virtual tour offline.

At Oxford Virtual Tours, all of our virtual tours begin with a montage of drone videos. These video files will be shared with you so that you can use them in other areas of your marketing such as social media, website content and more.

Pricing depends on the size of the school and the number of 360 photos required. Most schools fit within the £2,000 – £4,000 range.

We’ll be at the Tes SEN Show 2021 stand number 14 and we’re offering £500 off to the first school that signs up for a virtual tour.

If you’d like to get in touch before the show, please get in touch at [email protected]

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